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One of a Kind

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you did for me during my case. There is no question about your skill as a criminal defense lawyer. In my opinion, you're the best in business. Words cannot totally express my profound appreciation for all you have done for me and my family. You really work and care for your clients. I have witnessed terrible actions by other lawyers. While it is true you get what you pay for, there are lawyers who take money and ignore the client's needs. You are not one of those types of attorneys. You are one of a kind.

Above and Beyond

Mr. Kimsey went above and beyond for me. I was actually a knox county inmate with charges pending in Sevier county. Kimsey got me transported to court in Sevier so that my time would run concurrent. He also worked with him my knox county attorney so that everything worked in my best interest. Also when the court didn't send the jail my judgement, Kimsey took care of the situation immediately. Anyone who has ever been represented by the public defenders office knows that this is not the norm. He honestly does everything in his power to help you the very best he can. I believe he truly cares for his clients. That's very rare ( in my experience ) to find in any attorney, more so in a public defender. Very professional. Extremely helpful. A true blessing to Sevier county.

Friendly and Professional

Mr. Kimsey did an amazing job in my case and for many other people I've met during this difficult time in my life. He always dresses nice, is friendly and doesn't talk down to his clients, is not judgmental and truly has a heart to help them. He explains things in a way everyone can understand. I would recommend him to anyone that is wanting a DA with compassion for his clients and for what he stands for. I was very impressed with him.

Awesome and Cares

My ex wife put me in a s#!t storm in the Sevier County justice system. Thankfully I was blessed with Aaron as my PD. He was diligent in everything, kept me informed, took my calls after hours, and got me a great deal, followed up by today, getting me away from the system for good. A lot of lawyers get a bad rep, but this guy cares about justice and his clients!!! Thanks Aaron!!!

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